Orlu Regional Assembly



ORA-USA Inc incorporated in the State of Georgia , USA. in the year 2001, is organized for Charitable, Educational, Economical, Social, and Political development of Orlu people. It is the umbrella Organization of all parochial associations of Orlu people in the fifty states of USA. Perhaps it is important to mention that the entire Affiliate members expanding around the 50 states of America are willing partners to the development and sustained growth of Orlu zone and would cherish all partnerships and wisdom in this effort.


  • To identify and Unify Orlu people in the Diaspora and America in particular.
  • To promote effective communication and networking between and among Orlu people and various branches or ORA in the US and beyond.
  • To Booster Educational, Economic and Political empowerment of Orlu people at in the Diaspora and at home.
  • To promote good public relations through programs, projects and inter society collaborations that would positively relate to and impact institutions and Non-Governmental organizations.
  • To hold meetings and conferences to promote exchange of ideas and corporative learning on matters of self-respect, good citizenship, leadership skills and communal relationship between Orlu people in the US and at home and the American citizenry.